404 Roosevelt Ave.
Central Falls, RI 02863

Transforming the American Broadloom Building

Sandwiched between Slater Mill, the historic epicenter of the industrial revolution, and Central Falls Historic Mill District, MI2 Lofts is bringing new life to the much celebrated stretch of land. In addition to elegant and affordable residential condominiums, MI2 Lofts offer a yoga studio in the building, a fourth floor roof deck and a proposed carpeted green roof on the fifth floor roof.

Special care was taken during renovations to preserve as much of the original materials of the building as possible, such as the antique southern-yellow pine floors, posts, bricks and beams. Sustainability was also a top priority during the design and construction of the MI2 Lofts. High efficiency utilities and thermal panes windows were installed to lower residents’ costs, and to lower energy consumption. A green roof is to be installed on the fifth floor roof to lower energy bills, reduce runoff and extend the life of the roof. A water reclamation system has also been designed to collect the water drainage from the green roof to provide water for all your non-potable water needs, such as watering house plants, washing cars, and landscaping.

If that were not enough, MI2 Lofts is conveniently located 3 blocks from highway access and a short walk or drive from virtually all your educational, living and entertainment needs. Within a 1 to 2 mile radius you can find the local libraries of Pawtucket and Central Falls, an assortment of ethnic and cultural restaurants and eateries, parks and recreation facilities, the hospital, and shopping centers. Central Falls is also located 6 miles north of Providence, so you can experience the city nightlife in a short 10 minute drive.


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