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Burbank Construction's dedication is to renovating the mills in and around Providence, Rhode Island, transforming them into "Mixed Use" facilities. The "Mixed Use" conversion shall consist of residential, condo studio lofts, cafés, galleries, performance spaces, rooftop parks/gardens and greenhouses. The company's vision is to create sustainable, affordable alternatives to normal urban dwelling and inhabitance; Residents may purchase a modestly priced living space, while existing as part of a sound, balanced environment and vibrant artistic community.

Burbank Construction, Inc was founded in 2000 by Benjamin James Burbank. The company vision then, which is still being worked towards today, was to educate Rhode Island urban developers of the benefits of green construction. It is Burbank Construction's idea to lead by example.

For the first few years Burbank Construction led a crew of skilled laborers and subcontractors on several projects, while searching for an opportunity to head a high profile project and promote their green building philosophy. In 2003, the company gained its first major contract by acquiring the job to head all aspects of the renovations for the Mile Square Lofts Project (highlighted in the "Projects" section).

From the Mi2 Lofts Project many opportunities have arisen. The company is currently in negotiation with several developers regarding high-level, up-scale projects in the Providence Area.

It is the belief of Burbank Construction and the philosophy of the company that as the company grows and prospers so to does the city and its inhabitants.